Subject: ::yawn::

Date: Monday 7/25/05 11:03:00 PM

Mood: sleepy

I came home…I napped…I woke up…I’m gunna go back to bed…the incredibly exciting life I lead (at times)

Okay, so I came home and at around 4:30pm I went to take a nap at about 5pm…you’ll all notice that it’s now around 10:52pm…it was a long…long day…though I do have an amusing anecdote to share with you, my LJ friends…

Consider this…it’s lunch time and there’s two straight men, and one gay man in a room (the gay man, being myself) though the two straight men think that I’m straight too, so in their minds it’s three straight “guys” in a room. Well, if there are three straight guys in a room (so I have found) clearly one of them has to have a pissing contest or share some story that show’s just how “tough” he is, otherwise all three guys are violating some straight guy law somewhere, and well…well, we just can’t have that.

So, the walrus (also known as the site super) opens his mouth to tell us the “true tale” of how he kicked, a baboon in the ass.

I’ll blockquote for you:

“So, I was at great adventure’s wild animal kingdom, and this fucking baboon ripped the side thing off my car, so I got out of my car, and kicked it right in it’s ass and sent the thing flying…they started yelling at me to get back in my car, but I didn’t care…because thing ripped something off my car and started chewing it…so I kicked it, right in it’s ass…sent him and his baboon friends scurrying.”

Now, I don’t have a degree or certification in either Anthropology or Zoology (zoology, on a random note is one of the most entertaining words to pronounce and write in Modern Hebrew) however I’m pretty sure (like, almost 100%) of two things: One Baboons are crazy animals that one shouldn’t mess with, and if one did they’d have their leg ripped off…and Two, a Baboon is not the size of a football and/or easy to punt.

For the rest of the day Bobby and I broke out laughing randomly as we thought about kicking babboon butt.

I love tolerate my job.