Smug? Me smug…I haven’t the FOGGGIEST idea as to what you’re talking about

Subject: Smug? Me smug…I haven’t the FOGGGIEST idea as to what you’re talking about

Date: Saturday 7/16/05 11:04:00 PM

Tags: fandom: harry potter,fandom: summits,reading: harry potter

LJ-Cut: here there be spoilers…or predictions rather…for book Seven that will EVENTUALLY be spoilers, because yes…I *AM* that good

1. Snape is a good guy; dumbledore and he had already had an understanding that if he (snape) needed to kill him to keep his position of influence with voldermort (and the ability to kill him) that he should do it. If he did not kill dumbeldore, odds are both would have died. He will prove himself in the next book. Snape would NOT allow Harry to use an unforgiveable curse or anything that would have landed him in Azkaban so he can be around to fight (he was teaching him at the time…read the chapter over again).

2. Sirius & Dumbeldore are not dead (well, perhaps in the way that you think they are) – 3 is a Magickal number (as is five): three levels of existence (the physical plane, the ghost plane, the after life) – Madame Trelawney will play a vital role in the final book.

2.a. Sirius is NOT dead.

3. By being buried on Hogwarts grounds, Dumbeldore has assured that it will remain protected (he hasn’t left).

4. The weasley twins are going to function as Q for Harry; Percy will be explained (I think his father’s in on it)

5. Harry will not have to complete all the tasks that lay before him, himself; it is love and friendship that is his power over Voldermort, he’ll make use of them. Three is a very, very important number

6. Harry & Ginny will get back together at the end, they’ll have kids.

7. Hermione & Ron will get together, they will have kids.

8. Bill will recieve more benefits than deficits (think super power type things) from his alterfaction with the werewolfe…also, he’s been in Egypt…this will come back into play.

9. Harry will not be returnin to Hogwarts; he will however, become an Auror (in the epilogue)

10. Hogwarts will become the “last stand” so to speak; the magic there is ‘ancient’ and has not yet been fully unlocked…also, Godrick will make a physical appearance (let’s up the Ante, all the founders will be present).

11. There’s going to be a huge shakeup at the ministry.

12. Molly Weasley will die.

13. If you think two drag queens getting into a fist fight is bad, imagine two werewolf’s is even worse. Remus is going to kick the shit and finish Greyback (kudos to anne – tartanboxers)

14. Look for Demontor “The Mist Made Me Pregnant” fic…coming (disturbingly) soon. More disturbingly…mistMpreg…ouch.