“Sir, it seems to me that you’re stuck in a Philadelphia”

Subject: “Sir, it seems to me that you’re stuck in a Philadelphia”

Date: Tuesday 6/14/05 9:44:00 PM

Mood: amused

So…I have to say, I’m highly entertained by all this…I knew I was stuck in a Philadelphia since this morning, so why get mad, when you can sit back and enjoy the madness?

What I asked For: Guys

What I Got: Girls who rolled down their window, and quite seriously, wanted my telephone number…I’m flattered…yet slightly disturbed…I think it was their mother driving the car…or else, a hard core smoker who aged quickly.

What I asked For: a Chalupa

What I Got: 6 hard shelled tacos

What I asked For: My Car Report from the Mechanic

What I Got: Someone Elses Car Report (with significantly more damage)…and a Heart Attack

What I Got: A call later in the day saying “your car is all ready for pickup!”

What I asked For: Mature Co-Workers

What I Got: A fart joke/sex joke/genetalia joke every quarter hour, on the quarter hour.

What I Asked For: E-Mail Forwarding

What I Got: Error 505!!!ONE!11!!ELEVEN!1!!1!1!!

What I Asked For: Orange Gatorade (made from real gators, of course)

What I Got: Lemon-Lime Gatorade (made from real gators, of course)

What I Asked For: a Marker

What I Got: a Highlighter

What I Asked For: The Hot Italian Muscle Guy Shirtless

What I Got: The Hot Italian Muscle Guy in a T-Shirt & Wife Beater (Okay, this is a half win, I guess, right?)

What I Asked For: Rain

What I Got: 103f Dry heat

However, my day was awesome…E-mail will be up again shortly (I hope) and all I have to do is ask for the opposite of whatever it is I want, because once again, I’m stuck in a philadelphia…such is life =D


I do have more to post about it, but y’all just have to wait…go outside and play, throw a ball around or something.

~ me