Questions from

Subject: Questions from

Date: Thursday 4/21/05 12:02:00 AM

1) Who knows you the best?

I’d have to say my mom probably knows me the best; we talk about everything and she above everyone else can read the subtle intonations in my voice and facial expressions…it’s how we communicate to each other without other people being aware of it in large group situations.

2) Do you ever get sick of school?

Oh yeah, all the time actually, I merely get frustrated because of the beaurocracy of it all and professors that try to get in my way (read tonights next post on how I had to fight with the Comm department today, and the page and a half appology letter they sent me). However, at the same rate, I’m addicted to school so I’m gunna be here for a little bit longer…I’m getting my Ph.D. it isn’t even a question, it’s gunna happen.

3) Describe your idea of the perfect evening out?

Well, we start with coffee and a light, light, light dinner, then go to a dance club, dance the night away, go back home and curl up together nice and warm and go to bed (and well, do what boys do best).

4) Boxers or Briefs? (or Boxer-Briefs or Commando?)

I wear thongs.

5) Who is your hero?

My Grandfathers.