Date: Wednesday 4/20/05 1:17:00 AM

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From irenefinlay

1)When Mrs.Marked makes her next appearance, what, if anything will be different about her?

Well, currently it’s Miss. Marked, alas, she’s single so maybe by the next show it will indeed be Mrs. Marked ^_~ we’ll see. Anyways, she’s gunna be about 30-40lbs thinner, her heels are gunna be about six inches higher, she’s gunna be about 1000% times more fierce with custom made clothes and a Long Island Dance Studio routine and oh…she’s gunna wipe the floor with the asses of a few different bitches who need to learn their place: (some drag queens, some civilians.

2)What qualities are you looking for in a man?

Well, qualities are different from physical apperance, for physical appearance please see here (and the taller, the better); however, quality wise:

I like smart, intelligent men, who know what they want and go for it. They need to be dominant; passive men annoy the hell out of me (“can I touch you here” just kills the mood; do it already). They also shouldn’t back down when I challenge them — argue with me, debate with me, don’t just sit there and take it…oh, they gotta be health wise and fashion smart, have a good sense of humor and like to dance and go out and have a good time; we’re talking urban mentality here. They need to have a sex drive and not be afraid to try new things…sometimes daily; and they need to know how to entertain themselves, I’m a boyfriend, not a babysitter.

3)Soon you will be a photographer/pharmacy technician/paralegal….what will be your next qualification? Will it start with a p? (And “penis inspector” is not a valid qualification…:P)

Well I’m already a penis inspector (I’m sure I have the badge for that lying around somewhere here) but I think the next one I’m going for is my Cosmotology License and in the same year, my Dawn ’til Dusk Makeup Art Certification =) We’ll see.

4)What is one book that everyone should read, and why? How did it change your life or way of thinking?

Beyond Pink or Blue by Leslie Feinberg…it was perhaps the biggest mind shag I’ve ever had; it opened my eyes to new ways of seeing gender.

5)What is one thing you wish people knew about you but most don’t?

I drink a minimum of one gallon of water daily and think others should do the same…my bottled water bill is extravagent.