Date: Monday 4/18/05 10:49:00 AM

Tags: meme, private

Interview from Anne (tartanboxers)

1. Be honest, now. Sirius or chicken?

Wow…this is a tough one…I mean, the Sirius in the movie’s wasn’hot at all (unlike Lisa Rourke’s Sirus Black…who I still want to…::ahem::) and chicken does indeed have a nice long, and deep throat…but ya know, I don’t think chicken’s bad-ass enough for me…I’ll have to go with Sirius until chicken learns how to be one of the bad boys.

2. Which stereotype that the straight community holds about the gay community annoys you the most?

Hmm, there are quite a few, but I happen to be on a kick with this one recently in preperation for seeing my grandparents (one if not both of whom will ask this question): “So, do you have a…special…friend…?”

Okay, the only special friend I have wears a helmet, is in a wheel chair and rides the mini-bus to school and functions on a less than kindergarten level…if you mean boyfriend, the answers no. Honestly folks, call them what they are: boyfriend, husband (lover if you must) and let’s be real: “significant other” just sounds weird as does “S.O.”

3. You’re elected president of the United States! W00t! Describe your inaugural ball. What do you, yourself wear?

Well, I think the inagural ball is a little drab these days…so why not Gay it up? First, I want Club Fly from Canada to come in and do the decorations and setup (they’re the club that’s used for Babylon on Queer as Folk); open bar all the way: 18 to party, 21 to drink (but if you can get your older friends to buy you drinks, we’ll all look the other way…then give me a few weeks to change the drinking laws to where they should be). The entire party will be free, heck, free parties around the U.S. because the following day you can bet your ass LGBTQ marriages are legal; and there’d be a lot more changes following that. Then, of course there has to be a livejournal video feed so people can see the party (“omg…I have to go update my livejournal”). I’m thinking gogo cages and shot bois too.

Now, as for my outfit: Dolce and Gabbana Racing-Striped Jeans (button down, of course); my black paisley Liz Claiborne Shirt, a grey 2(x)ist undershirt and my Johnston & Murphy dress boots. M.A.C. Cosmetics for all things facial.

4. What quality do you most value in a friend?

A (not so) wise person once said to me, over meat and beer in Vermont “if you want it, get it.” I value people who know what they want in life and go and do it instead of sitting at home bitching. It irks me so much when people don’t even try to do something because they talk themelves out of it before they start or say “no those are just dreams” because that’s what seperates the people who climb mt. everst and have a life full of adventure from the people who are miserable and boring. A man who has to ask me “can I kiss you…now?” never even gets on base, if you want it get it (albeit, if I don’t want it you may get slapped, but it’s worth the risk).

5. Next time you see Ross, what are your plans for making him twitch?

Haha! Oh the question of the year…let’s just say it has to do with an accurate description (over dinner) of how ducttape can be applied to various areas of the male anatomy to create perfect clevage and cameltoe and then the process by which one removes said ducttape with minimal damage to the organs that the ducttape is originally applied to. Then, if there’s time before dessert “A History of Crotch Rot” right before we move into the desert discussion of “10 Ways to Make Out With a Guy on the Couch in Church Without the Priest Knowing/Wanting to Join in.”