random mini post about a random mini day

Dominic: The inside of my thighs hurt

Me: Use Cornstarch

Dominic: Fuck you, they’re not chaffing!

Me: Well I thought that was why you were asking! I didn’t say it to be mean! I thought you needed advice!

Dominic: Oy!

Me: Oy!

Nick: Burps…loud.

Me: That’s his Poke-Power

Lorenzo: ::laughs:: that’s going in my profile…if I had aim.

Eric grabs my backpack pulling it downward causing me to bite my lip

I grab Eric, give him a wedgie, and slam him into a bookcase as a response

Eric: You just made the worst mistake of your life…if we were in high school, I’d shove you in a locker…I may STILL shove you in a locker

Me: You started it.