What I’ve been putting off on posting

Subject: What I’ve been putting off on posting

Date: Tuesday 3/29/05 2:56:00 AM

Music: Club Foot

Tags: true life: death

I should probably post this now; before I put it off for too long. I guess I haven’t written about it yet because I have this feeling, this wish that he’ll be coming home, that somehow this is all some surreal bad dream that needs to end but I also know, on the logical side of my brain that I’d like to ignore that he won’t ever be coming home.

My friend TJ, while on study abroad in Japan, passed away for reasons which are still unknown; I found this out on Thursday. He was a good friend, non judgemental, he gave me much to think about in my own life, we used to talk for hours on end at night when everyone but the night owles were asleep online. He was a friend to all who met him and he leaves behind his family and friends; and more imporantly a legacy that all who met him; no matter how brief; were instantly charmed by his loving personality, totally taken in first by his inner beauty and then by his outer beauty. The last memory I have with him is when we went out clubbing together, I can still picture the events of the night as if they just happend, so clear in my mind.

However; death isn’t the end, it’s only the beggining…I’m going to stop talking about this here, Fellipe and Eric had to take me out of the library I was crying too hard.

Anyways; my life seems to be getting fucked up and then unfucked up in this constant state of ebb and flow; but it’ll all come together shortly.

I need to keep doing work and to not think about this until Wednesday. Lori, contact me for details about the wake.