Wow, weekend warrior…not quite…

Subject: Wow, weekend warrior…not quite…

Date: Monday 11/8/04 4:41:00 AM

Mood: working, working, showering, working…

Well, time for a weekend rap-up, I think…

I slept muuuuch later than I wanted too yesterday; 4PM…I woke up, realizing I had a national conference call at my office at 7:00PM which is a 13 minute or so train ride from my house, so I got my things together and made the 6:20 train, got in with just enough time to walk to SPoT coffee, grab a cup and walk to my office (yay for caffeine).

The conference call was cool, fairly informative and interesting, mostly planning for this weekends conference in NYC.

Anyways, didn’t get the work done that I wanted to get done this weekend; personally, I need to re-evaluate my system of how I prioritize things for getting them done because with the system I’m working with now, while somewhat effective, isn’t the most efficacious way of getting things done. However, most of my work right now really just requires exploration and thinking. Actually more accurately put, for photography class my biggest job at the moment is to have at least 1-2 hours of introspection a day in preperation for my final project which is based on self analysis.

Speaking of Photography, The last photo project should be interesting. I have a research presentation that ties into it on Thursday (bwahaha, I love presentations…I’m such a dork, but they’re so fun…an entire room HAS to listen to me and no one else until I’m done and I say they can speak! BWAHAHAHA, soo excited).

I also have to get in touch with Wizard (wordplusnumber) about audio mixing for it.

Anyways, my schedule for the week is as follows (mostly for my reference, but put here with your interest in mind as well):

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  • 11:00AM – 12:00PM – Weekly Brunch with Panders, mail out bills, letters and so forth
  • 12:00PM – 12:15PM – Drop Grad Student #1’s paper in her box, edited.
  • 01:00 PM – 02:00PM – Meet with my second grad student, discuss his paper, after he leaves, go over datebook for organizational points and go over grad student #1’s second paper.
  • 02:00PM – 04:00PM – Nap
  • 04:00PM – 09:00PM – Hebrew work in Lockwood Library, get Coffee first then Flashcards, Flashcards, Flashcards!
  • 10:00PM – 10:30PM – head home for bed
  • Sleep Early

NOTE TO SELF: MTG Downtown Cancelled


  • 09:00AM – 11:00PM – Hebrew 101 (Grovel)
  • 11:30PM – 12:00PM – Go to the listening post to see Rev. Linda and catch up/get advice
  • 12:30PM – 03:00PM – Photo Class, watch movie, discuss, be smart, yadda yadda yadda
  • 04:00PM – 00:00XX – Head to Downtown Office for pre-meeting briefing & work session
  • 07:00PM – 00:00XX – Meeting (chairing?)


  • 01:00PM – 02:00PM – Meeting with Grad Student 1 about her recent paper
  • Thursday
  • 03:00PM – 04:00PM PaganSA Weekly E-Board Meeting, stay away from VP, as she’s sick…again…because we all know she is the plague…though college students are sick all the time so I don’t even know why I bother even making the attempt to avoid getting sick…it never works anyway so I should just keep taking my Zinc.
  • 04:00PM – 10:00PM Study Hebrew Like a Fiend
  • 11:00PM – 00:00XX – BED


  • 09:00AM – 11:00PM – Hebrew Exam, Get A-
  • 12:30PM – 03:00PM – Photo Presentation
  • PaganSA Meeting Cancelled This Week For Holiday
  • Finish Editing Grad Student #1’s Second Paper pass off to friend to deliver it on Friday.
  • Work on Photo Project & Pack

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

–In NYC For Conference–


Random stuff and things

I need to put a load of laundry in, but I can do that in a minute. Another goal for next semester, other than getting some form of job other than my usual freelance work is to get myself on a normal sleep cycle (god, wouldn’t it be nice to be like, ‘oh 11:00PM, time for bed!’ I think it would.)

Anyways, just had to get my thoughts down on paper so to speak, now it is time for a redbull, a shower and some more work…oh, some soup also, I really want some tomato soup…for some reason, I have a tomato soup thing.

And since everyone should have a great Monday, what better way than to start off your week with eye candy?

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Carpe Diem!

~ me