I Love and Gryvon & Covarla

Subject: I Love and Gryvon & Covarla

Date: Tuesday 3/9/04 11:40:00 PM

Music: MP3 Hedwig 1

Tags: quotes: general

gryvon13: sarcasm is love.

gryvon13: or sadism, one of the two.

covarla: yes, yes it is ^_^ sadism is love?

gryvon13: haaaaiiiiiiii. ^_^

gryvon13: Roy/Ed smut is much love.

covarla: suikoden is love ^_^

gryvon13: sukisho is love. ^_^

gryvon13: kenya is love.

covarla: anime is love

gryvon13: manga is love.

covarla: FMA is love ^_^

gryvon13: Godzilla is love.

covarla: Panda Z is love ^_^

gryvon13: CLAMP is love.

covarla: yaoi is love

gryvon13: Abombibable Snowman is love.

covarla: Ragnarok is love

gryvon13: Post-it notes are love.

covarla: internet is glowing source of life (and love)

gryvon13: Badger is love.

covarla: *nods* badger is much love ^_^

gryvon13: PS2 is love.

gryvon13: modded PS2 is more love.

covarla: ^_^

covarla: Mercedes Lackey is love

gryvon13: Kindgdom Hearts is love.

covarla: bear is love

gryvon13: plushies are love.

covarla: Savage Garden is love ^_^

gryvon13: Evanescence is love.

covarla: *stabs* WinMX giving me my movies would be love

gryvon13: seeing more FMA would be love.