Work in Progress

Subject: Work in Progress

Date: Friday 1/16/04 6:15:00 AM

Music: Rhythm Divine-Enrique Iglesias-Enrique

Baker Street

The music playing…people swaying…women with veils across their eyes. Pipes filling the air with this acrid:crimson:dangerous smoke/smell; red tubes bringing the fruit of the poppy to the lips of the mortal men who can afford to play this dangerous game; carried out in the depths of the mind.

No questions asked at the door, don’t speak for fear that your voice can be recognized just hold up a few bills to your mouth – kiss the green and enter, swagger in your step; air of cocky self confidence.

Order a bottle of gin and sit down on the couch, loosen your shoes. Pour a cup and start to think:use the pen and ink.

Pen to ink; ink to pen; pen to paper; paper echoing the disturbing thoughts of the mind continue to drink and down the brown liquid creating a new world to explore until this reality you can bear no more. Holding two fingeres up in the air summons the substance which you allow to control your mind so you can for once in your life relax:escape:hide.

Tie the strap around your arm:preapre to live/die.

Tap the vein, one:two:three and inject as the smoke rises up to burn your eyes from your neighbors nearby cigarrette. Plunge that needle ever deeper and release the drug that makes you whole.

Eyes rolling back into your skull.

Hours pass and the moons collide the women continue dance for men who are temporarily blind:sublime.

Arise from your slumber and place your arms around the lover of your choice; tender supple breasts, hips where silk gently rests bringing her home she becomes a body for your testosterone release.

Tounge gently licking around her neck, biting her shoulder – above her you tower:stand – tall lanky man.

And as night becomes day the man/wolfe in you finishes this little game.

womanizing:drug abusing:alcoholic:brilliant:hot

Sherlock Holmes

Yeah…Sherlock was a rogue…and very, very, very hot. I think I need to add more of the sex into this; because Sherlock would do drugs and then get it on with women as far as my readings of the books go so he could shut his brain down and relax; though the made for tv movie challanges only part of that. I’ll need to go back to my bookshelf back at home to get more detail.

Of course Sherlock used Drugs to escape not because he was a coward, quite the contrary. He was valiant and brave in the day time but he had no way of shutting off his brain so his reason for escape was much different than the gentlemen who sorrounded him at the drug dens…or was it. I’ll need to explore this notion/excuse that I seem to be making up for him.

Though sherlock, is, in the end a figment of Sir. Doyles imagination.

Anyways, I’ll add more sex into later…



~ me