Memo To My Roomate

Subject: Memo To My Roomate

Date: Tuesday 12/9/03 7:25:00 AM


Apologies if I woke you up last night, please ignore the bombshell disaster that is my side of the room…christie was all like (to paraphrase) “I’m blacking out, about to vomit and have a fever. I don’t think a doctor can do anything for me” and I was all like “WTF, that’s why doctors exist” and then she needed glorified tylenol, so I had to rummage through my chest to find it so if you weren’t waken up, pretend this LJ entry doesn’t exist, if you were, sorry mate but I needed to make sure christie was, like, not going to die before she takes her finals. She can die after if she really feels she has to, just not before.

I’m about to go get dressed and drag her to the doctors.

~ your roomie