Work in Progress, there will be adding much more, and more editing

Subject: Work in Progress, there will be adding much more, and more editing

Date: Monday 11/24/03 9:59:00 AM

on the deck outisde the bar you sit, grab my by the belt, pull me in close, cigarrette in your other hand, smoke comes out, rising from your mouth, which opens drawing mine in. Your tongue invades batteling with mine which in the end is subdued, holding on you. Powerful arms grasping my leather belt: I belong to you.

Mouths kissing, members growing, we continue to grind as our mouths crash and collide, tongues playing a dangerous game fought with the heart.

Taking a break for a moment or two we pull our mouths apart, so slightly, see you grin smile, then go back at it once again.

Eventually we have to go back inside, people need their drinks in Buffalo and you’re not getting paid to sit outside.

Jukebox playing cd’s loudly

Sitting at the Bar drinking club soda mixed with energy drink and cherries I enjoy my friends company, designated driver is a position a non drinker easily fills.

I catch your eye, you smile, walk around from behind the bar and grab me from behind kissing again, we’re both getting hard and then you pull out and laugh, evil ministrations we both laugh.

But this game can be played by two so I getup and start dancing too, my body moves like a snake so I put a dollar in the jukebox and I begin to shake…the men in the bar are looking, looking directly at me and I know this, they can look but not touch “hey, hands of the merchandise bud.”

And back to the bar I go to talk to my favorite bartender in Buffalo.

My friend needs help getting to the bathroom so I walk her to the door, outside I stand just waiting, hanging out; you come up in front of me, there you stand the epitome of a man. Looking at me, staring me down with your wolvish smile:body:eyes and we begin to kiss again as our hips collide, our cocks rubbing through tight pants, your knee between my legs; I hesitate. “This isn’t our first time to kiss” you remind. Go back in for the kill I let you, Top, take the lead and I just fall into you, your essence:power:being.

Finsihing we breathe and you return to Tend to those who need to live in an alternate reality: they don’t have what I have, something amazing, something that morpheus weaves can never compare.

And I help my friend back to the Bar where she orders another drink…”her last one of the night…”

And the hours tick away, “last call for alcohol” and my friend is Back in the bathroom passed out so you spin me around in the bar chair, even sitting down in the stool you’re taller, taller than me.

We begin to kiss, again this time you taking the lead, and one thing starts leading to another, your hand on my dick my mouth on your lips, I step down from the stool, start removing my belt you hold me up against the wall and get on your knees lips wrapping so gently around the base of my head and you begin to suck as I lower my head to smell the back of yours, a smell that will never leave my memory.

As I stand against the wall we both roll over onto the floor, good thing the doors locked as you continue to suck my mouth continues to lick around your stubble and your neck, I’m finally with my Wolf, I’m finally with my man and your hand begins to wrap around/jerking me off instead as I’m transported to a higher plane of reality:our mouths become one as I lick around your perfectly trimmed stubble:neck:face.

After a soul life of pleasure I cum like I’ve never before and I roll to lay on your chest as you begin to Jerk yourself off with me sucking and licking gently on your neck. One of your big arms wrapped around me tight feeling my stomach, back, ass and legs as we continue moving and breathing to a beat: the beat of life. And after another period of time you release what has built up in you all night and we just lay together breathing in and breathing out until we remmember that we have a friend in the bathroom.

“Either she’s passed out or she watched the whole thing”


No matter how butch or rough or top we’re still gay men.

And after a few moments we shared we laugh “god we’re so dirty” “damn right, it’s great” so we stand up as our friend remains passed out in the bathroom, she has no clue:idea what just happend:what she missed.

You go get yourself a shot of Vodka at the Bar, I ask for another cup of seltzer, “my knees are shaking, you were good” “god you were amazing.”

Sitting at the stool you come up to me and we begin to kiss, until I say “wait..this only leads to trouble, I still have to take her home.” “damn, you’re right, okay”

It’s okay you’ll get your chance to screw me through the sheets, the mattress, box spring, floorboards and foundation once I return from dealing with family.

And as our friend gets out of the bathroom she apologises for how much she drank and we laugh and say “hey, no honey, that’s really really okay.”

Leave the Bar I get into the Car and safely drive my friend and myself home.

Just another night in my life, another night in the city of Buffalo.