Subject: So….

Date: Sunday 11/16/03 8:36:00 AM


Neglecting the boring things that went on in the lab yesterday, let’s start with the cool things that happened that night.

I got out of CFA at 10:00PM and walked over to Governors (got there about 10 minutes later) and met up with Christine (who was mentioned in my previous post). We then drove on down to Chris (random note: there’s a ton of chris, christines and christie’s that inhabit my life, try to keep up) and Michael’s apartment (they’re boyfriends, living together the only real important information you need to keep in mind is that Michael’s the top).

Anyways we get there and go through the usual introductions and I get to play and wrestle around with their chocolate lab (Bailey). Chris then went to ‘investigate’ a very ‘interesting’ ‘vase’ on the table. But since Christine and I don’t like ‘interesting vase’s’ we sort of just talked amongst our selves.

Some point later we picked out Michaels outfit for the evening and when he got home we basically went out the door and made our way down to Friends (a downtown gay bar).

I (being the non drinker and designated driver) ordered my usual highly tough to mix drink (seltzer) and basically just had a blast hanging out and absorbing the culture. At one point this really hot Bartender (Glen) tells me I’m cute and I sort of blush because I think he’s being nice.

Patrick and some of his friends come in a little tipsy which was cute because Patrick kissed me on the cheek to say hello and he was all stubbly. He is literally the older brother of the office, anyways he then made his way back to the dorms and things proceeded on from there.

Anyways, it was great I was smiling, there was dancing and then people wanted to go out for a smoke break. Well the smell of smoke no longer bothers me (hanging out with Lolo and Sean and Lori will make ANYONE immune to it) so I went outside to be social and Glen comes up to me and starts to get touchy feely. He says a really hot comment that I’m going to keep to myself in the “think of this when I need to smile folder” and Christine’s like “don’t worry he doesn’t mind.” So we get closer and hands moved around to various areas and it was really nice. He notices that my seltzer is getting low so he goes back to the bar and brings me out another with two cherries ^_^ (yes, the Awwwe that’s so sweet should come in right about now) so I kissed him on the cheek.

Anyways, the smoke break is over and we go back inside and I continue dancing and I give Christine the “he’s really hot look” that I do with my eyebrows…most of you know the one, it’s the double eyebrow wiggle. She tells me to blow him a Kiss which I do.

Through all this various songs have come in by Cher, Cat Stevens, More Cher (we’re gay…sue us) and Enrique and there’s more dancing and more seltzer and then Chris and Christine needed another smoke break so we went outside and Glen was all like “sit on my lap” so I did and it was just really really sweet and I kissed him again and sort of found out that Yes he’s a top, Yes he’s single (as he damn well should be if he’s going to touch me that way), Yes he’s 35, Yes he’s gorgeous and so he asks me my Age and I whisper in his ear and he was cool with it.

Christine, Michael, Glen and I then talk for a bit and go inside.

Back in the area where there’s room to dance Glen came up behind me and put his arms around me and sort of was kissing the back of my neck (random note: that’s really, really, really hot).

Then I sat back down at the bar (where throughout the night Christine and I were making cracks about the real world’s “rich girls” where we follow some shallow stuck up bitches, one of whom being the daughter of Tommy Hillfiger or so I’m told) talk about how much cash they have to spend, who they’re taking to prom and how they’re “down” with the “garbage men” and other common people.

I was holding Glen’s hand for a while.

So it’s now 4:00AM and we’re going to get ready to leave and Glen and I exchange telephone numbers, aim names and email and I believe I have a date for this weekend.

And before I walked out the door he goes “Kiss me” so I reach over the bar (while kneeling on a stool…give me a break, he’s tall and there’s bar between us) and kiss him. Yeah, that was my first real kiss with a Gay man.

So now we head back over to Michael & Chris’ apartment (obviously with me Driving) where they and a few others that they met up with ‘inspect’ the very ‘interesting’ ‘vase; while Christine and I go to a different room because we don’t like ‘Vases’

Anyways, Michael was originally all like to me: “You’re GOING to Panos for breakfast” and I was like “dude, you’re his top not mine.” As it turns out, the roles reversed, I wanted breakfast Michael and Chris wanted to sleep so Christine and I are left with no other option than to get breakfast.

We get to Panos and order breakfast, chin a bit with the waitress and then I drive us home and we pass by a sex store and I jokingly go “yeah, I need a dildo” Christine shout’s “PULL IN!”

So we do…

We didn’t end up buying anything but we did laugh….hard…the poor guy at the counter WAS dante from clerks. Christine (being tipsy) brings him a certain toy and goes “WHY ISN’T THIS LARGER? Why isn’t this in MY size?” It was like clerks on crack…anyways, I sort of apologize to the poor gentleman, informed him I too was dante and then ask him if I can interview him for a Journalism article about his job. He said sure.

Anyways, we drive home and talk for a few hours…I shower….(some kittens died in the battle) and now I’m here at the lab getting ready for the morning shift and expecting an email from a gorgeous bartender.