Why I love my boss Daniel…

Subject: Why I love my boss Daniel…

Date: Saturday 11/8/03 4:29:00 AM

Daniel often receives calls from the police, I think my favorite one that’s been logged to date:

The phone rings, Daniel is in bed, the dog is at the foot of the bed keeping Daniels feet warm on a cold Buffalo night…the time is 2am..

Phone: ::ring, ring::

Daniel “GOD! @#$^#$^%UYSEDFTG#%!!!

::Picks up the phone:

Daniel: “HELLO!?”

Police: “Daniel, this is UB Campus Police, we found two students who broke into the photo lab to work on the computers to finish a project, what do you want us to do with them?”

Daniel: “YOU HAVE GUNS, YES!?”

Police: “Yes…”


Police: “…”

The thing is though, I think the police must have thought he was kidding, which of course did nothing but get Daniel more upset…