So the past few days…

Subject: So the past few days…

Date: Friday 10/31/03 1:09:00 AM

Music: At The End-IIO-Queer as Folk – The Third Season

Snapple Lies

Well, the other day I went with Patrick to go get some food, all I was able to afford was a snapple because the place we were at didn’t accept Campus Cash and I wasn’t in the mood to Debit or Credit. On the cap it said that “Hawaii has only one school district.”

Well…I was in a mood.

Back at the LGBTA office I took out my cell phone, called information, asked for any school district in Hawaii and for a little over ten cents, had my call transfered. I then spoke to a very nice, but confused, secretary at the Kapalama School (located at 1601 North School Street. Honolulu, HI 96817). She disputed Snapple’s assertation that there was only one school district. Interesting, I thought, she put me on hold but unfortunately we got disconnected because I thought I had another call, turns out I didn’t and call waiting was a little weird.

Anyways, I hang up and then dial 1-800-Snapple and speak to Jacklyn who wouldn’t give me her last name. The conversation went as follows:

Hi, this is Matthew Schwartz from the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY – I’m a student here. According to snapple fact (edit: I’m not digging through my bag for the cap, so I’m just inserting the # symbole) #xxx it says that Hawaii has only one school district, but the secretary at Kapalama school district in Honolulu Hawaii disputes this


Yes, we’ve receieved calls about this, we used an old fact book


So basically what you’re telling me is that Snapple published something without verifiying their facts


No, we verified our facts


No, if you verified your facts you’d realize that you were using an old fact book and that you’re informaiton was wrong


I see your point


So what’s going to be done about this?


We’ll forward your complaint over to marketing

After this point is when I asked her for her name and she became really bitter, so I hung up.

Anyways, the lesson from all of this is don’t believe everything that you read, check your facts and yes, this may be stupid bullshit but you should always do your reasearch.


I met with maleficentseyes, Dr. Jaeger, and next semester I’ll be working sixteen hours a week in the Buffalo City School district for six credits as a TA. This should be very, very cool. I’ll be working in an Elementary school with Urban youth, I hope I can not only help them, but that I’ll learn a lot from this.

I also met with Dr. McGuire in CAS Advising…

You Shall Love Your Digital Photo Instructor, Intermediate Photo Instructor and Advisors With All Your Heart, With All Your Mind, With all your being. Inscribe these words which I command you this day upon your heart. Teach them faithfully to your children, when you lie down, and when you rise up…

Basically, my Intermediate Photo Teacher didn’t want to/wasn’t able to give me an incomplete when I met with her, prior to meeting with Dr. McGuire.

After meeting with Dr. McGuire he was able to give me another angle to go about this. I then met with my Intermediate Photo I instructor and pitched the idea of an I/F with the provision that another teacher will supervise me because my Intermediate Photo Instructor won’t be teaching next semester and when she does teach, she won’t be teaching an Intermediate course.

I/F basically means it’s an incomplete and if I don’t complete the work in fifteen months, it turns into an F. Sounds more than fair to me.

During this week I’ve also been meeting regularly with Mme. Belanger (Digital Photo) who I have had the pleasure to not only show my work, gain guidance, but discuss French Theory as well – it has truly been wonderful. She was also upset that I may not be able to register for her Intermediate Photo II class next semester due to my incomplete in Intermediate I (I remind you, I had a B/B-, attendance and some mistakes got in the way) but she said that she’d give instructor permission for me to be in her course.

If all goes according to plan, she will also be the one supervising my Intermediate Photo I work which would make things go much, much more smoothly considering I want to do an independent study project with her next fall. Basically one teacher to handle both things.

I’ll be meeting with her privately again next week to discuss next semesters plans further.

So to put my current situation in the simplest possible terms:

  • I’m not totally f’d over. Hooray.
  • I’m doing amazingly well in Digital Photo.
  • We’re pretending Art History doesn’t exist and will come up with a plan of attack to remedy that course next Fall.
  • Journalism is…well, Journalism. I’ve done all the work, so the most he can fault me for is attendance so in the worst case scenario, I should have a B-.
  • Next semester if I do all of my hours (sixteen hours a week) for this internship and write a five page paper, I’ll have a six credit A.
  • Mat board still hates me, but not as much as it did last semester. I’m getting better.
  • I’ve just finalized the last few details of the contract that was supposed to be signed this past summer with my client, I’ll be in possesion of a signed contract and a check shortly. This makes me happy.
  • Next semester my course outline looks like:
    • Sorin’s Modernism Class. What can be better than taking a comparative lit. course with a hot romanian ta who you’re on a first name basis with?
    • Dr. Jaegers Internship (six credits, sixteen hours a week, woohoo!!)
    • Intermediate I/Intermediate II with Mme. Belanger

And today is Samhain, the end of my Year tonight I hope to leave behind everything that’s gone wrong this year and bring with me only good things. To my Pagan brothers and sisters, may you have a wonderful end of year and I wish you onlu good things to come in the next.

In other news, I meet with Dr. McGuire at 11:30, so I really need to go to bed.


~ me