General Announcement.

Subject: General Announcement.

Date: Wednesday 10/29/03 11:06:00 PM

First, I’d like to apologize for my lack of commenting recently and my lack or replies to comments left for me, I’ll be going over LJ on monday and replying with what I wanted to reply to but have yet to actually write down.

This week has taken a lot out of me, it’s been stressful and I’m also very tired. Fortunately things have gone very well, esepcially today and I’ll tell you, very briefly, about them in a moment.

But, also my point…

Right now I’m going to go take a few days off (with the exception of going to work and class, of course) and sort of be with myself…just myself.

Right now what I need is a few days to get many things in order for next semester (yay for paperwork) and to be away from people. I’ve been hanging out a lot more recently, with large groups of people, and it’s come to the point where I feel overloaded. Recently, a lot of people have also been overly touchy feely with me; or I may just be perceiving what is their normal level of touchy-ness as too much, regardless it’s getting to me, though this is due to no one’s fault.

This does happens every now and then when I’m around people so often that I don’t get to take time for myself to be alone, relax, medidate, which I really need daily. And no, being in the dark room for hours on end alone doesn’t count as “downtime.”

So until Monday I’m going to take the time to read, relax, breathe and sort of recenter myself and start off fresh. Right now, it’s what I need so please:

consider me on vacation.

I know some of you wanted me to go with you to Rocky Horror, I apologize but right now that is way too much for me to handle. If you need to get into contact with me, feel free to call the cell but I would much rather you let me have from Thursday to Sunday to myself, just so I can get back into the swing of things. I’m telling you now that my answer to “Hey Matt let’s hang out” will be “no.”

I just need some time with some good, good books, a journal and myself and a good cup of coffee.

I’ll write my big update post later on, probably on Monday. However, what you need to know is:

I am receiving an I/F for Intermediate Photography…this is very, very good. It is not in writing yet, but it should be finalized by weeks end and I have no reason to believe that my Proffessor will change her mind.

Things are working out as best as they possibly can for the time being

My Digital photo teacher is amazing.

And now, I’m off to go re-aquaint myself with one of my favorite books and some comfortable pajamas, but perhaps first, a shower.


~ me