The Wedding, Today and Randomness

-=The Day Before The Wedding=-

Have the personal trainer at 8:30AM, work out and hear him talk about random stuff which was just sort of blah. He’s a little to macho right winger for me. Anyways, we eventualyl get out of the car and start driving to PA. Grandma calls my dads phone and says something to the effect of “you’re suppoosed to go to dinner tonight with someone, but we don’t know who.” Yeah, helpful – of course, neither she nor grandpa had their hearing aids in, so conversation was difficult at best. Attempt further communication, fail miserably.

::dad continue driving:: I get a good way through HP Book 5

We stop for a pit stop, I get starbucks, my younger brother sam orders the uber ice cream from heck (yes, heck) which was like the most expensive, nasty carvel ice cream on the planet, I think he had just about every topping possible, it was scary.

Anyways, dad then asks me to give him a “crib sheet” of the gay lexicon, and what the words mean. Thus, that shall be done shortly. I’ll be interested to see his response. “Bottom: what your son is” all the way down to “Top: what your son seeks” and “BDSM: a fun and endearin weekend activity” – yes, I plan on having fun with my father, he put out the welcome mat.

Anyways, we get to PA, check into the hotel, and go out for dinner to a pizza place (I had grilled chicken, as I couldn’t have the carbs) with the bride and groom and family, then we went back to the bride’s parents house for coffee and cake (I had neither). One woman there was like “I had a painter come in – he’s gay, never had a lesson in his life – and he did an amazing job.” And I just shook my head and sighed, because apparently all of us Gay people are just amazing artists and what not (well, I am, but like I know many who just aren’t).

Come home and on the way finally pick up the grandparents from the great aunts (they’re twins) house. Go to the hotel, and depart for the night. Before leaving, grandma tells me that she “wants to speak to me tomorrow.” I am ‘overcome with joy’ at hearing these words.

-=The Next Morning=-

Get up for breakfast, say hi to other family members, smile, be cute, and basically had all day free (the wedding started at 8pm) so after breakfast I ran for an hour at the hotels gym (yes, I’m a gym rat – sue me). Came back upstairs and got a call from dad and the grandparents (while I was running, dad took grandma for her beauty appointment) and they wanted to see me…went down to their room, but dad basically offered to take me to the mall because sears was having a close out sale so Grandma didn’t get a chance to talk to me.

On the way to the mall, I mentioned that I lost my glasses (dad has lost 5 more pairs than I have, so he really has no right to be mad at me yet – yes, seven pairs SINCE I’VE STARTED COUNTING, not in his life time) and as luck would have it, the mall had a pearl vision, so I had them call the pearl vision in buffalo who got my script from my optometrist in LI and long story short, I got a new pair of spiffy glasses and sunglasses (because they had a deal where I got 175.00 off the sunglasses). It was nice being able to see during the wedding. Go to sears, get some jeans (for like 19.99 a pair) and some shirts, and come home to the hotel.

During this point, I run into more family members, say hi to everyone and get stopped by grandma and grandpa – they wanted to know a) how I knew I was gay b) if my roommate was gay and c) did I have straight friends. I answered their questions, and follow ups as best I could, and that was all that was said on the matter for the duration of the trip.

Parental units and brothers and I went out to dinner at TGIFridays (I got the rewards card for future use of obtaining rewards points) and then came back and got dressed – I looked uber spiffy. Picture, if you will…

My face with thion silver tiny oval glasses
Tailored Italian Suit with a matching silver vest
Amazingly Hot Shirt
Spikey Hair

Yeah, you get the picture. The one really nice thing about the night (assides from the wedding) was some of the compliments that not only I got, my my side of the family received as a whole – people like us because a) we look good and b) we’re nice, and it’s nice hearing it sometimes.

Of course, I dunno, people get all excited about weddings and stuff, but they’re really not for me. I don’t think it’s right to invite everyone in the family, make them think that they’re really loved and invited (read: everyone was talking behind each others backs and some people were there, well…we’re not sure why) just to recieve money from them. Yes, I know I’m jaded.

I’ve described my ‘dream’ wedding before, I’ll describe it again:

Have a nice day with my top/partner/spouse/husband, come home, get screwed through the sheets. Be handed a ring (silver or steel – I can’t stand gold) and go out for drinks with some close friends to celebrate and then go to a club. That’s all I want.

The next day, head to the lawyers office to sign some form of contract and get a change of name hearing from a judge so I can take on my husbands last name and be done with it. I don’t need some fancy party or a bunch of family members there, considering that more than half of them drive me up the wall to prove my love to someone. I don’t think tuxedo’s make it any more real.

One, I don’t think marriage has to have anything to do with god, it’s between two people and the love that they share whether gods in their life or not. I don’t need god as a witness. Two, I just don’t find the meaning in the whole ‘make a public show of it and spend lots of money on a party’ thing, I hate formal affairs why would I subject my friends and family to them, to something I know that no one (but a few family members who live and die for weddings and bar-mitzvahs) enjoy?

Wouldn’t people be more happy in an enviornment where they can kick back in sneakers, have a blast, laugh, smile, share happy stories and goodtimes past instead of listening to wind beneath my wings by some crappy ass dj?

Anyways, we got home at about 1:30 AM, at which point Mom, Dave and myself watched phone booth, it was a really intense movie – I liked it, and will definetly need to see it again. Whoever thought it up was insane or a genious or to tell the truth, both.

-=Sunday After Breakfast=-

Had breakfast with family members, and then drove home. It took about three hours, we hit MAJOR traffic all over, but we finally got home. I then took the car and drove mom and myself to go pick up the dog. And here I am.


So, first and foremost, I’d like to know the culprit of the “suck, suck, suck, glee” post which can be found here. Come on folks, fess up 😛

Also, for those who are interested – next years course schedule (and yes Brent pyrop I know I’m a ‘bum’ according to you, but you’re still jealous so admit it :-P)

Oh, I’m now down to a size 36 pants (which are ::gasps:: sort of loose on me) and a size medium in button down shirts…yeah, I’m sort of happy, but not happy yet – I still have a stomach, and I want abs! Thus, I’m going to have to do more than just run for an hour every day, I’m going to need to lift weights about every other day, which I’ll need to fit into my schedule, somehow. I’ll manage.

In random quotes, this just sort of made me feel good, so I’m posting it here (read: shamelessly inflating my own egot, if you don’t like it, well, :-P)

(And yes, I changed the AIM name to protect the innocent…)

Eric (7:42:12 PM): you are the most stubborn person I’ve met.
Eric (7:42:15 PM): In a good way.
stuffeddonkey (7:42:17 PM): lol
Eric (7:42:21 PM): You decide you’re going to do something,
stuffeddonkey (7:42:22 PM): thanks, I think ^_^
Eric (7:42:22 PM): and you do it.
Eric (7:42:31 PM): You don’t accept no as an answer.
Eric (7:42:33 PM): Hehe–
Eric (7:43:05 PM): I knew you’d lose weight over the summer– but, I doubted you’d lose as much as you were hoping to–
Eric (7:43:07 PM): and, you did.

And as I close – in 50 days, as of today I’ll be 19!

~ me