Subject: Merf…

Date: Thursday 7/3/03 7:32:00 AM

Music: Weapon-Matthew Good-Queer as Folk – The Third Season

I walk upstairs…and mom’s sleeping on the couch in the office (yeah, our house has an office…it’s sort of a big house…)…I tap her on the head to tell her I’m leaving for work, and I ask her what she’s doing in the office and her response was “didn’t you hear the yelling last night…” Like, that’s soo bizzare.

Anways, off to work – Hmm…I think I’m going to grab an atkins bar and eat that now, and as per standard operating procedures, I do believe it’s also time for bacon for brakfast – today I do believe that I’ll be running for three hours when I get home.

~ me