Poem to sam

Subject: Poem to sam

Date: Thursday 2/27/03 4:04:00 PM

Music: Monks Chanting on TV

Tags: writings: poetry

Poem to sam:

Watching you on the sidelines, as you began to take

your first steps, tiny little brother, coming into my

world, entering through the doorway that is the heart.

Looking on, as you board the bus for the first time,

going through what me and my twin already did – “own

by self,” strong, true, intrepid.

Watching you, as you run the bases, and win the game,

watch you on Fire Island as you got to play, smiling

as you picked up on family traditions – chasing Allie

with lobsters. Becoming more of a Schwartz every day,

and becoming your own person, doing things in your own

unique individual way.

Watching you learn how to skate, and ski with Dave and

dad, bike and swim, and the joy that came with knowing

that you were of my kin, overflowing pride as the next

generation of Schwartz took control of the reins,

learning to stay the course, through the thick and

the thin. Riding behind you, I can see you on the

back of your horse, in the teton wilderness,

experiencing something of a lifetime, but watching you

experience it was not to be missed – your true

passionate love of animals, big and small, like your

mothers heart, encompasing all, the forest and all of

Gods creatures at a majestic waterfall.

Watching you tackle all the problems, that have ever

come your way, big and small, you learned to laugh and

throw the world right off your back, your train rights

it self and gets it back on track.

Listening to you sing, late at night, with your CD

Player on, thinking the rest of the family was asleep,

the muses inspiring the thoughts in your mind and

letting your vocals make them into a sonnet to sing-

watching you kick my ass in video games, what was I

thinking, I had no chance – smash brothers, way to


But most importantly, watching you every day on your

journey, guided by heavens flame, as you transform

from a boy into a man L’dor V’dor; and so it is


You may be a man, but you shall always be, my

incredibly strong, true, loving, younger brother, Sam.