Wow, things are going VERY good!…

Subject: Wow, things are going VERY good!…

Date: Tuesday 10/1/02 12:00:00 PM

Music: Live your dreams ~ Save the Last Dance Soundtrack

I’m REALLY excited about Health and Human Service, I got a 90% on a test that counts for 1/3 of my grade! What’s also cool is that if we attend class 100% of the time we get a 100% averaged into our grades, so right now I have two A’s towards my name.

Right now I’m on the free UB wireless internet, which is really neat, and I’m sitting in a fluffy chair at Starbucks. It’s funny, Starbucks tries to sell you wireless internet in their store when you can get free internet in their store from the UB Network that covers campus.

I have class at 3:30 and it’s only 12PM now, so I’m probably going to get myself organized a bit more: go through my date book and make sure everything’s in order, and start planning for some upcoming projects like my research paper for English.


~ Matan