10 years ago, today, I drafted into the IDF. I served 37 months. My life was forever changed in basic training, and in my service…for the better. I remember staring out at a little village that always reminded me of what a Dr. Seuss village must have been based on, as the lights twinkled in the early morning hours while I was on guard duty, talking to God in my head (as I do most days, and especially when I have some time alone). I remember making a deal with Him that if He saw me through it all, whatever it was, I’d work for Him when all was said and done…so basic training, a few years of Tseva Adom later, and then back to the United States, some family nonsense, and I finally landed back on my feet…as a Social Worker, working as a mental health counselor in the morning, and feeding the poor, the hungry, and the homeless in the evening and on weekends…and I count myself so, incredibly blessed…I still think I made out better in that deal, because my life has felt like I have been given nothing but gold and riches, and I am thankful #Tsevet5

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